CoLab holds an annual conference, which is our single face-to-face opportunity to develop and expand ideas to continue the momentum and to plan for the future. It is crucial to the growth and sustainability of the consortium. Each conference includes a thematic workshop that seeks to explore an understudied area of preeclampsia research.

Oriel College, Oxford, England
WORKSHOP: Short and Long-term Outcomes in Offspring Exposed to Maternal Preeclampsia

Sheraton Heathrow Hotel, West Drayton, England
WORKSHOP: Periconceptional and Pregnancy Nutrition: Role in Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes

Oriel College, Oxford, England
WORKSHOP: Prepregnancy and Early Pregnancy Antecedents of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes
PROCEEDINGS: Global Pregnancy Collaboration symposium:
Prepregnancy and veryearly pregnancy antecedents of
adverse pregnancy outcomes: Overview and recommendations

Oriel College, Oxford, England
WORKSHOP: Placental Health
PROCEEDINGS: Global Pregnancy Collaboration symposium on
placental health: Summary and recommendations

Oriel College, Oxford, England
WORKSHOP: Big Science