CoLab is working to assemble a registry of "rare" placental samples. Our first target is preterm placentas <34 weeks of singleton pregnancies that are not attributable to spontaneous preterm birth, preeclampsia or intrauterine growth restriction. Examples of such placentas include deliveries as a result of trauma, maternal indication such as cancer, complications of maternal uterine scar, rare genetic conditions or rare placental morphology. We are including pregnancies as a result of assisted reproductive techniques.

We are also interested in other rare placentas an your suggestions are appreciated. We also will establish a request line for unusual placentas for investigators worldwide it hope you will participate as a donor or as a user.

We believe these rare placentas could be important controls for better understanding the physiology of normal and abnormal pregnancies. The ultimate goal would be to create a specialized database that could be queried for future research. For more information, please contact Kasey Blount at