(alphabetical by project title)

Big Data: Potential Power and Problems for Preeclampsia Research
Co-PIs: Les Myatt, Jim Roberts, Brady Bernard
Oregon Health & Science University, University of Pittsburgh, Institute for Systems Biology

COLLECT Database
PI: Christopher Redman
Oxford University
Description: A standard pregnancy database available for online use by interested investigators in both low- and middle-income and in high-income countries

Early Pregnancy/Prepregnancy Investigational Collaborative (EPPIC)
Mark Santillan, Tom McElrath
University of Iowa, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Nutrition in Pregnancy Manuscript Working Group
PI: Leslie Myatt
Oregon Health & Science University

The Rare Placenta Group
PI: Bekah Spencer
University College London

Reverse phenotyping at time of disease
PI: Jenny Myers
University of Manchester
Description: Clusters reverse phenotyping project using early pregnancy values

Sisterhood Study
Co-PIs: Alina Brewer, Kasey Blount, Hilary Gammill, Ingrid Granne, Roberta Ness, Chris Redman, Jim Roberts, Eleni Tsigas

University of Washington, University of Texas, Preeclampsia Foundation
Description: A cohort study of sisters and daughters of women with preeclampsia

(alphabetical by project title)

Biomarker Assay Development for Translation of Discovery-based Placental mRNA Candidates to Serum Protein Concentrations in Early Pregnancy to Predict PE
PI: Sandra Founds
University of Pittsburgh
Sponsor: Jim Roberts

Identification of preeclampsia subclasses
Co-PIs: Shannon Bainbridge, Brian Cox
University of Ottawa, University of Toronto
Sponsor: Jim Roberts

Inflammatory profiling of preeclampsia, highlighting fetal gender, parity, BMI and IUGR: a case control study
PI: Stefan Hansson
Lund University
Co-I: Maya Jalmby

Placental growth factor and cardiovascular adaptation during and six years after pregnancy
Co-PIs: Sarah Schalekamp-Timmermans, Robin Gandley
Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, University of Pittsburgh
Sponsors: Jim Roberts, Eric Steegers

The role of placental microparticles, toll-like receptors and inflammation in PE
PI: Brandie Taylor
Texas A&M University
Sponsor: Jim Roberts

EFIRM Assay Development for PIGF and SRY detection in Maternal Plasma
PI: David Wong
University of California Los Angeles