Project Title

CoLab Internal Projects

PI: Chris Redman, MD

COLLECT Database

PI: Jenny Myers, PhD

Clusters Reverse Phenotyping Project: Early Pregnancy Values

PI: Hannele Laivuori, MD, PhD

Setting up genetic studies on preeclampsia

Co-PIs: Les Myatt, PhD, Jim Roberts, MD, and Brady Bernard, PhD

Big Data: Potential Power and Problems for Preeclampsia Research

PI: Jenny Myers, PhD

Clusters Reverse Phenotyping Project: Time of Disease

Co-PIs: Roberta Ness, MD and Hilary Gammill, MD

Interpregnancy/Sisters Study

PI: Bekah Spencer, MRCOG

The Placenta Group (rare placentas)

CoLab External Projects

Co-PIs: Shannon Bainbridge, PhD and Brian Cox, PhD, Sponsor: Jim Roberts, MD

Identification of molecular subclasses of preeclampsia

PI: Mandy Bell Schmella, PhD, Sponsor: Carl Hubel, PhD

Variation in endoglin pathway genes associated with preeclampsia

PI: Thomas Boehm, Co-I: Martin Knoefler, Sponsor: Les Myatt

Prognostic value of Diamine Oxidase (DAO) levels in Pre-eclampsia

PI: Lucy Chappell, MD, Co-Is: Lucilla Poston, PhD, and Hannele Laivuori, MD, PhD

Understanding, diagnosing and predicting pregnancy outcome in women with chronic hypertension

PI: Brandie DePaoli Taylor, PhD, MPH, Sponsor: Jim Roberts, MD

The role of placental microparticles, Toll-like receptors and inflammation in preeclampsia

PI: Sandra Founds, PhD, Sponsor: Jim Roberts, MD

Biomarker assay development for translation of discovery-based placental mRNA candidates to serum protein concentrations in early pregnancy to predict preeclampsia

PI: Maya Jalmby, MD, PhD, Sponsor: Stefan Hansson, MD

Inflammatory profiling of preeclampsia, highlighting fetal gender, parity, BMI and IUGR: a case control study

PI: Thomas McElrath, MD, PhD

The use of microparticle biomarkers to predict spontaneous preterm birth

PI: Mark Santillan, MD

The PREDICTV (PReclampsia Early Determination for Intervention, Cure, and Therapeutics by Vasopressin) Study

PI: Dr. Sarah Schalekamp-Timmermans, Sponsor: Dr. Eric Steegers

Sex specific differences in the placental syndrome and markers of placentation

PI: Annetine Staff, MD, Co-Is: Drs. Chris Redman, Peter von Dadelszen, Roberta Ness, Cuilin Zhang with Samantha Benton, Orlaith Burke and Pawel Szafranski

Maternal circulating angiogenic factors and subtypes of preeclampsia

PI: Peter von Dadelszen, MD, Samantha Benton

Angiogenic factors in the identification of intrauterine growth restriction

PI: Peter von Dadelszen, MD, Ugochinyere Vivian Ukah

External validation and recalibration of the fullPIERS model (PIERS – Pre-eclampsia Integrated Estimated RiskS)