Global Pregnancy Collaboration Workshop
September 9 and 10, 2020

"Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Innovative Strategies
to Study Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes”
Download the meeting agenda here 

The Global Pregnancy Collaboration (CoLab) yearly holds a workshop to promote research areas directed at improving the health of pregnant women and their infants which we believe are understudied (a list of these can be found in CoLab Workshops tab). This year we are focusing on strategies for research. We will address innovative methods and the current powerful strategies for analysis, artificial intelligence (AI). To accomplish this, we have assembled a cadre of experts in AI and another group who are utilizing innovative strategies. The meeting is heavily oriented towards interactive discussions, including those between experts in these two disparate strategies. The goal of the meeting will be to establish recommendation for not just CoLab but for the general pregnancy research community. 

We have usually made these recommendations through published position papers and as part of proceedings of the meetings (Publications tab). This year, since we are holding our workshop as a virtual meeting, we would like to add to this approach the attendance at the meeting of members of the general pregnancy research community. 

We invite investigators to attend our meeting to observe presentations and discussions. To facilitate discussion among our assembled experts these attendees will not participate in the general discussion. However, a chat room will be available for questions and suggestions. All questions will be answered after the meeting and when possible during the meeting. 

There will be no charge for attending the meeting. 

This is one of several CoLab approaches toward facilitating pregnancy research (Projects tab) through collaboration and sharing of data, ideas and biological samples (see appropriate tabs). We are particularly committed to achieving these goals in low resource settings (Projects/LMIC). Towards this end we have 16 centers from low resource areas. Specifically, CoLab investigators work with investigators from these low resource centers to obtain external funding and assist  as advisors on funded projects. Thus far we have generated over two million dollars in external funding for these centers. 

CoLab is a self-supporting group. We depend on external funding to achieve these goals. We have set up a fund at Magee-Womens Research Institute to support this critical work. Donations at any level are appreciated. 

Donations related to the meeting will receive the following in gratitude for contributions:

$50 donation will receive slides of presentation. (Slides at no charge for investigators from low resource settings).

$100 donation will have access to recordings of 5 chosen presentations.

$200 (or more) donation will have access to recordings of all presentations.


When: Sep 9, 2020 11:00 AM  4:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) to Sep 10, 2020 (two day event)

Topic: Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Innovative Strategies to Study Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes 

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If you are a low resource setting investigator and would like a copy of the slides or if you have questions or need further information, contact Margaret Armstrong: